▫️How do I serve you? How do I get a response? How do I get locked up by you?

– $100 to ensure a response. All gifts, small amounts of devotion, tasks – DO NOT COUNT.  Send $100 to my wishtender and then politely send a message introducing yourself.

▫️How much do I send?

– I never answer this. Everything you need to know is on this site.

▫️Where are you from?

– I’m from Texas USA.

▫️Can we meet up? Can I pay you to peg Me?

– NO! I do not just meet up with random people on the internet for obvious reasons. You must build a relationship and consecutively serve me. If you aren’t a serious sub, a sub that’s interested in building a real long term D/s relationship I don’t have any reason to bring you in to my personal life. You are here to serve Me!

▫️How do I get a online session?

– If you have never done anything for Me, PAID ME WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING FROM ME, it’s very unlikely that I’ll play with you.

▫️What games do you play? Can we play together?

– I play switch, Xbox, 3DS, and PC. I have over 200 on x1 alone. Currently playing a lot of the switch. Yes, we can play together. I love playing video games with my harem. You can buy my GT. Send a tip of $70 and send me a message. We also have a gaming discord.

▫️What’s your kik?

– You may purchase my kik for $70. I don’t like kik though.

▫️What are your kinks? What are you in to?

– Over all: Mental Degradation, Manipulation, Emasculation, Feminization, Humiliation

▫️ Do you have any spots to be a sissy?

– I will always have space in my life for good sissy girls who contribute to My life. Tribute and then approach.

▫️ Can I do anything for you, Goddess?

– You can pay me or shut the fuck up. That’s it.

▫️ Can you get on my TeamViewer? Can you lock my phone down? Can you lock my computer down?

– All of those things I’m capable of doing and do with my subs on a regular basis. 

▫️ Will you blackmail me?

– I’m more in to exposure. I do blackmail-fantasy.

Will add to this regularly. All for Goddess Alexis.