I realized tonight some of my sluts know nothing about girl culture πŸ˜† if you are gonna live it, you need to know it. Here are some chick flicks to ensure you know all about girl history… or should I say HERSTORY! ✨ All girl. All the time.

I own you ✨

You must ask for permission to masturbate, have sex, go on dates, spend money, use the restroom, leave your house, have fun, relax…

I love keeping her on edge.

I’ll fuck her on full blast till she’s wiggling in her chair & then I stop βœ‹πŸ» Just as she catches her breath I put it on full blast & fuck some more!

I am the Queen of privacy invasion. I watch my subs fuck & suck live on cam.They know the camera is there but they never know when I’m watching. I can pop in at any time and catch them being the freaks they are. I have all the power.

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