How long have you been locked in chastity? 🔒✨

If by me, Tell me how much you love being locked up by me?

4 thoughts on “How long have you been locked in chastity? 🔒✨”

  1. Locking myself up never meant anything to me. Being locked by you gives me a greater purpose and keeps me dedicated and accountable! Thank you Goddess. ❤️

  2. Before you owned me chastity was always about trying to resist that want to take it off. Fighting the need to free my cock. But now i belong to you and you’ve kept my clitty sealed away for so long, i don’t fight it. Its right, its my default. I need to give you that control over me. I love being locked in chastity. I want to wear it. I need to wear it. <3

  3. i’ll be honest, its not easy and gets really frustrating at times. But then i usually just think about how its all for my pretty Goddess & how much it pleases Her seeing us in chastity. That makes it a lot more bearable <3 <3 <3

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